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Will my health information be protected?

Yes, we follow all privacy and HIPAA regulations. See our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Will I have pain with treatment?

Most patients come to physical therapy because they have pain associated with their functional limitation. Therefore, pain relief is one of our treatment goals, and we ask for feedback and monitor for signs of pain throughout treatment.  However, there is often more pain associated with treatment when patients have had surgical procedures such as knee and shoulder surgeries.  There is typically discomfort and soreness after these treatments and after increased physical therapy exercise intensity.  The discomfort will diminish soon after treatment, but muscle soreness may last 2-3 days. We use pain relieving devices and techniques to help alleviate this pain.

Does my insurance cover physical therapy?

We are in network with all major insurances. Check our Insurance list to find your provider. If you do not find your insurance carrier, then just give us a call for assistance.

How do I dress for treatment?

We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing and tennis shoes to allow you to move with ease. It is also important that we are able to expose the area involved for examination and proper treatment. For instance, our patients with shoulder injuries may wear a tank top or loose fitting T-shirt, and our patients with knee injuries typically wear athletic shorts.

How long will my sessions/program last?

Most treatment sessions will last between 45 and 90 minutes depending on your diagnosis. The first visit will typically be longer due to the initial examination. Your program length depends on multiple factors such as the diagnosis, severity of injury, and any health issues that may exist. We use functional outcomes measures using the FOTO tool to maximize your return to function as quickly as possible.

What do I bring on the first visit?

If your doctor gave you a prescription for treatment please bring it with you on the first visit.  If you will be using your insurance to pay for your treatment, please bring your insurance cards. We also ask that you bring a list of your current medications with the dosage and administration method. If you choose to fill out your forms prior to treatment, there is an area designated to list medications.

Can I choose where I go for Physical Therapy?

You have the right to chose where you go for physical therapy. If you have more questions about our treatment methods, please feel free to call. We would love to have the opportunity to help you in your journey back to an active lifestyle.

What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out our new patient forms. You may download and fill out the forms HERE prior to your visit if you would like. Your physical therapist will ask you questions related to your specific issue, take necessary measurements, perform special tests related to your diagnosis or issue, and palpate or feel the muscles and other tissues that are associated with your reason for coming to physical therapy. Your therapist will use the exam findings to create a personal treatment plan with your goals in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions